Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring Winds

And the wind blows erratically along the Clyde, lifting and dipping, chasing leaves and tired weeds along the dry docks, rippling the river to little peaks. My hair is blown north, south, east and west, across my face and clear again as I cycle into a fair headwind.
A bright day, though bursts of melancholy pierce the gusty breeze. Derelict and dejected dry docks, lit by sun and shaded by billowing clouds, lie empty and forlorn. Berthed at the new museum, flags on the Tall Ship stream merrily in the air and a dinghy bobs on the water.
The weans are out playing, one boy on a bike with three others chasing him for a shot and a big sister lingering dreamily in the background. One broken toothed rascal races with me, sharp eyed and savvy, "Can Ah get your bike?" "Naw." "How no? C'n Ah?" then spinning and chasing after his pedalling pal again before picking up a long trunk of plastic piping and whirring it round and round his head.

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Ellen said...

Lady Govan, I love your description of the day and the surroundings but the bit about the kids brought a smile.