Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What's It To You?

Another picture book edition, with photos taken of the newly landscaped Water Row on our leisurely walk this warm, sunny afternoon.
Can't say it's not nice; lovely stonework, the magnificent river, the old ferry mechanism cleared of weeds and exposed to view, the grand city of Glasgow upstream, and best of all an amazing smell of newly cut grass which takes both me and Wee Raberta right back to sitting by the open window of a classroom. And, memories and nostalgia for times past are what may form our opinion of Water Row 2013. So very different to industrial Water Row 1963, but that in turn was so different to pastoral Water Row 1663. And what if you were from Water Row 1463, or 1163? You're always going to be sorry to see change. Anyway, just got to get on with it and enjoy what we've got.


Ellen said...

Waw! It's all so clean and very different. We look back to the past with feelings of nostalgia but it will always be there in our minds and in old photos. You're right, Lady Govan, change is inevitable but this change does look good. Can't wait to visit.

Sandra PA said...

I have a dental appointment this week so will definitely take a wander down and see it for myself. What an improvement!