Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Greening Graveyard

Yesterday was a day of dark, overcast warmth but today the heat is broken by a gusting wind which brings a chill to the streets. By evening, it's calmed a bit and me and the Govan baby take a saunter. The weather vane atop the P.I. gleams gold against a dappled sky. Three smokers stand languidly at the door of Brechin's, cars hum along the Govan Road and we turn off into Govan Old.

Spring 2013 has been delayed by consistently cold weather, but in the confines of the graveyard we are enveloped in Govan's greening. Fresh and vibrant, buds are bursting into new leaf green. Cherry pink petals flutter in drifts across the mossy graves.

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cake eater said...

the graveyard looks lovely