Saturday, 25 May 2013

Yooni Boat Race

#SBR13. Edinburgh beat Glasgow, apparently. We had a picnic in the sun, in the shade of HM Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Well, the trees flourishing in their honour, I should say,
Our grub is rolls on ham n cheese n salad, McCoy's crisps; assorted packets of Salt & Vinegar, Cheese and Ready Salted, bananas, chocolate biscuits. Me and Hoi Polloi have bikes, the babies are in their chariots, my ma goes for a wander at the Govan Market and gets the lowdown on Dysons from a stallholder. 
As the boats cross the finishing line, the winning team cry out a lusty three cheers for the losers. Ma da joins in with a few, "Jolly good, old sports!" from the bank. 
He's soon joined by an aunty and two great aunties who've come to cheer their rowing star. 
"Kieeeee-ran! Kieeeeee-ran!" shouts Aunty, but it seems Kieran, floating in boat below, cannot hear as he remains head down. 
"Kieeeeeeeeeeeee-rrrrraaaaan! He canny hear us. He's in the Glesga uni team," she tells us, "he's fae Mosspark."

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