Friday, 19 July 2013

Irrigation Required

Days of golden sunshine beam upon Govan's dusty streets. Even the deep, red canyons of Luath Street and Taransay Street catch a gritty gleam and the heat of the day boils in the skies above and sinks slowly down to the cool, shadowy floor. 

"Eddie's Wee Plot & Garden" is a fine horticultural display, irrigated and tended with loving care. 
Down the street, one man pulls a hose through a ground floor window and shouts to an unseen person indoors, "Hook it up, hook it up. Turn i' oan noo. Turn it." There's a heap of broken glass on the road and he crunches through it in his flip-flops. 
A maiden breezes round the corner, broad and husky with a mop of frizzy curls and rude, red cheeks. She stretches out an arm of rolling flesh and cries to an upstairs open window, "Yous comin' tae Keiran's barbecue? Haw!"
A band of half a dozen 50 year olds dodge behind and in front of the billboards on Govan Road. They are dressed in summery attire; white baggy shorts below the knee, coloured net vest tops and trainers. Cool shades and chunky gold chains lend Miami gangster style to these old kids on the block as they throw back their heads and casually swig from their bottles. 

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