Thursday, 26 September 2013

ElderPark Model Boat Club

 A model boat sails serenely over the still waters of the ElderPark boating pond this September afternoon. The boats are hand-crafted and have brought interest and fun to the park for many years.
As long as we can see this sight, we'll know all is (pretty much) well in Govan.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Q Busters

I usually wait for my prescription in the chemist's shop. It doesn't take too long and if I don't, then I'm bound to forget to go and collect it for days. During my wait, I have a scour around the shelves, look at the hair dyes and cosmetics, perfumes - nothing too expensive, in fact all very cheap, a rack full of budget vitamin pills and cough meds.
The door pushes open and a young lady - a big tumshie, as my uncle in Lorne Street would've described her - stumbles in, followed by a stick thin guy with a shaved head and the trace of a knife-line. She plumps down on the padded seats and breathes heavily, her eyes popping and her shoulders heaving. The guy is bobbing up and down at the window, giving a running commentary, 
"That's them oot the van. Whit's he daein'? Wherr's he gauin'?"
I look out and see a police van parked in the distance with an officer walking around it and then getting back into the front. 
The sales assistant lady asks in a direct voice, "Yes, can I help you?" and the girl, without turning round, wheezes, "I'm in to get my prescription." 
And now the sales lady is snookered, because it's not ready yet and so the pair are entitled to wait. So the sales lady waits too, in behind the counter, with her arms folded and one beady eye fixed on them and the other on the police activity outside. 
The door bursts open again and a shock headed scraggy guy bounds in, laughing out loud and ducks down by the girl and whispers to her and then stands up and talks in a low voice to the guy who is still watching the police van. 
The sales assistant speaks out with some authority, "Are you in to buy something?"
The guy stands up respectfully straight. "Ah'm waiting for my friends," and then resumes the low voices conversation. 
As the police van pulls away, the pair move over to the seated girl. "They were efter x, jist as well we went in here." 
"Aye," says the pal. 
"They wouldnae huv got it oot me anywey," he says assertively.
The girl's eyebrows are painted on in the shape of arches and her cheeks are rosy and round and her eyes are still wide. " Aye, jist as well, cos we know whit you're like."
And at that, the assistant calls out in a vexed voice and with a fierce grimace, "Prescription for Docherty."

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Christmas Is Coming

We lunge from skies blue and golden to skies leaden grey as this morning we wake up to dripping rain, and yesterday's bright sun is a dim memory.

Isa picks up a make-up set with mirror and eyeshadows. "Would that dae a fourteen year aul'?" she asks me. I am browsing and nod positively, but Isa asks another woman the same question.
"Ah'm no gettin that much for Christmas this year," says the woman and Isa nods violently in agreement. 
"Oh, Ah'm the same. It's goat ridiculous. That was us last year, he was wantin wan a thae big computer things, it wis big, goes up and doon, so we halved for it. But it's a' the wee incidentals, aftershave n everythin'".
"Aye, Ah'm the same. Everythin's goat that expensive and wee'er."
Isa picks up a gift pack of aftershave. "Aye, yer right enough. We were up in Costco and see everythin, there's at least a pound or two oan it fae last year. An' everythin's downsized."
"Naw, they'll just have to make dae wi what they get."
Isa puts the gift pack back on the shelf. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013



Before my time, but I think these two scenes are at the same place, Donald's Land at Three Ell Lane, or thereabouts, a hundred years apart. Nowadays known as sperr grun next to the big shed.Behind the billboards, stands a dookit, strengthened to epic proportions. A base of breezeblock gives top level security, with a reinforced door at the ground level. Upstairs is a small lookout window. And on the high balcony, the wee doos sit in the early afternoon sunshine and bill and coo in their palace of peace.