Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Guys And Ghouls

We have passed the Autumn Equinox and there are many celebrations to prepare for which will see us through dark winter nights.
Today, I near die of shock at the sight of two ghouls on Napier Terrace, sorting out their guising paraphernalia.
Further along at McKechnie Street, two boys are waiting to accost passers-by.
"Penny for the guy," they cry. I stop to have a squek and get my purse out.
They have been busy forming guy from their big brother's trackies, stuffed with asda bags. Black woolly gloves for his hands and kinda fancy trainers for his feet.
Never mind Guy Fawkes, in these colours, he could represent any one of the eedjits on the board up the road. And they'd get the roasting they deserve!
His face is a plastic bag, stuffed with papers.
"You forgot to put a face on it," says I.
"Naw we nivver. Look!"
Haha! Masking tape with a eyes drawn on and a line for a mouth. A woolly blue hat held on with tape.
"So, where's your bonfire this year boys?" I ask.
They're vague about that. We'll worry about that later. Time now for preparations.

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