Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hallowe'en BakeOff

Every Hallowe'en, my ma made a cake covered in green icing, with a walnut nose and hazelnuts for eyes and teeth. Just thought about this; must have a go next year when hopefully I've got more time. 
But for now, a trip to the master baker, Watsons of Shaw Street is a fine Govan Hallowe'en tradition. 
Below are my purchases at this evening's house Hallowe'en party. 
You can't even imagine how delicious this cake is - soft, gloopy fondant icing, filled with cream and a delicate sponge.
Watson's is the preference, but I'm not ignoring the bakery chain at Govan Cross. All shops welcome in Govan, is what I say.
A jolly old geezer asks for "Wan a thae cakes wi the wife oan it."
"Whit's that?" says the assistant, who's dressed up as an old fashioned waitress, and then it dawns on her and everyone in the queue as he points to a cake with a witch on it.  "You're terrible, you!" and everybody laughs.

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