Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Govan Lights Up Our Lives

It's a workaday Tuesday on Govan Road. Posters and a banner on the P.I. proclaim "Govan Loves Christmas". 
The Govan Benevolence Committee pulls out all the stops on The Squerr with pavilions, blaring Christmas hits, elves and even the real Santa magically appearing atop a wooden sleigh hurtling all the way to the Elder Park Library, pulled by a real live reindeer! 
This year's tree is a fulsome fir, stationed in front of the Govan Baby, who is in good company tonight as the Govan urchins clamber up and over it throughout the countdown to the fairy light switch-on. 
Three, two, one and the lights burst into an electric twinkle, and no fence this year!
Expressions of delight resonate on cold wee faces and the benefactors smile warmly and feel the glow that comes from getting it right for every child.
"The giein haun aye gets" and so it is for the artzgradz assisting the poor, who are always among us.
Govan gratitude is heartfelt and extends from generations long gone to us here today. Thank you.

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