Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bringing Out The Best In Us

Hot sunny weather suits us Govanites you know. Brings out the best in us; makes us the outdoor types, relaxed and carefree.
Up on a top floor verandah of the new red brick flats overlooking Elder Park, two pals enjoy a smoke in the early afternoon sunshine. Leaning over the balcony, they draw on their cigarettes and exhale into the treetops.
Just past Fairfields, two gents in their 40s are down on their hunkers, licking melting strawberry mivvis. One looks sweltered in a jumper. The other is more suitably dressed in a sweaty teeshirt. They salute a young man walking towards them, "Awrite ma man," they call. "That you hame?"
"Aye," he shouts exuberantly, a big grin across his face, "That's me just oot!"
They both stand up and the first man grips the youth's hand and shakes it long and hard. Then the other draws the boy close to him in a momentary, but strong embrace.
You've come through it. We know what it's like. It's hard, but you've done it. You're hame.
A woman comes round the corner of Rathlin Street onto Govan Road. She's dressed for the weather in pedal pushers and a vest top. Her dark hair is pulled back into a pony tail and she's bent, hurtling forward, her mouth open and dribbling out a glob of thick spittle which won't detach from her lips.
At Govan Cross sun worshippers soak up the rays. One shopping party, consisting of a burly woman, two teen boys and a teen girl is loaded up with Farmfoods bags. "Aye, they're busy," the woman is saying to a friend, "but ah think it's mainly fur cauld things."
The labradoodles sit in the shade, freshly sheared.
"Here you!" calls out a bubbly blonde woman, ruddy faced from the sun, "Ah like yer black eye. Who done that tae ye?" and she laughs uproariously.
A young man keeks at her sheepishly and says nothing. He's being held in an iron grip by a wee lassie who answers for him, "Well might you ask," says she.

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