Thursday, 10 July 2014

Verdant Vicarfield

Nature is reclaiming Govan here and there and older Govanites still wonder at the sight of its verdant vales these days. 
Intense heat beats down on a narrow strip of Eden, between the flats on Vicarfield St and the new primary school. 
Gardeners can rent a plot for £35 per annum and grow their own, whatever they fancy, or whatever will come up. There's running water on site, troughs and garden sheds with slanted windows to bring on the seedlings. 
James and Rab's never grown anything in their lives before - googled everything after taking on their plots last November. 
"When we got it, it was like a swamp. Worst winter weather you could imagine. Gale force winds. Wondered what we were gonny do wi the place, but it's turned out no bad."

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