Thursday, 21 August 2014

Watsons Sausage Rolls

So relieved to have Watson's open again after their holiday closure in July It's scary to think this wonderful artisanal bakery in Govan's Shaw Street may not always be here. Like, I'm sure it will, but anyways, for the time being - and may that time long continue - let's celebrate the baked goods steaming through its ovens
Today, a light and flaky Sausage Roll. This baby is to die for. Golden pastry encases a lightly spiced sausage meat. Crunch through the first layer and down through the hot puff to swallow your first burning bite. A steaming, savoury richness warms your heart and as you lick your finger and run it round the inside of the paper bag, and into the corners of the poke to get the flaky crumbs, you always, without exception, wish you had bought two.

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