Friday, 19 September 2014

No Fee For The Ferryman

The morning breaks, the shadows flee and whether you voted yes or no, there's a definite flat feeling in the atmosphere this morning as news breaks of 55/45.
By early afternoon, the gang gathers at the foot of Water Row to cross over the river on the free summer ferry before the service ends in a coupla days.
So, no fee for the pipe puffing ferryman who helps us clamber aboard, and we chug in a fancy circle to explore the Riverside Museum.
Before long, we end up in the cafe and eat some delicious cakes and drink hot chocolate whilst gazing out at the flat, still, grey day.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Parcel Of Rogues

It was the largest School in Govan built by Govan School Board, and comprised two separate buildings. The first, designed by Alexander Watt, opened in 1875. In 1894 a red sandstone extension was built, designed by H&D Barclay. 

May 2014 saw the burning and demolition of Broomloan Road's Old building and last night saw the burning of the New. 
If the measure of Scottish politicians is Matheson's Mafia, then maybe we're better not left to their mercy. In a small nation of 5 million, those nasty, self-serving criminals and free-loaders could have a heyday :/
Something to think about as we enter the polling station.

Monday, 15 September 2014


It's the week of the Referendum and Govan is awash with campaigners. 
The Water Row mansions have YES posters in quite a few of the windows while a Better Together sticker has adhered to lamppost at dug eye level.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

From Peever to Parrots

One of the benefits of a fine, dry summer is the amazing displays of street art which abound on Govan's pavements. Beautiful chalky drawings liven the tarmacadam down on the Riverside housing scheme. Industry and energy in the world of play!