Friday, 17 October 2014

Champagney Darling!

Lovely to welcome guest blogger, Majj, who like every exile, wends her way to Watson's on a trip home.
Back up from the big smoke. It's just a quick visit. Feels good to be back in sunny Govan, which incidentally is not so sunny, more windy and grey. But these are minor details in the scheme of things.
Before I go to visit my sister and the Govan baby, I pop into the Magpie's Nest for a rifle around. Everyone always seems to pick up a bargain in there, but as I wander around I think that word must have got out. There's not much to be had and I slope out feeling a sense of deep disappointment whilst realising my expectations had been probably been set too high.
Walking up the road I pass by the shops selling Eastern European foods and African foods. It's getting to be like London! I step inside to take a look at what's for sale, but get a few odd stares and puzzled looks as I walk up and down the aisle. Maybe I'm not their usual customer. Just a few tins and packets of coconut milks and hair oils on the shelves, chest freezers of chicken nebs and tilapia fish. Can't see anything very appealing anyway, so slope out, a little disappointed.
It would be rude of me to go to the sister's without something, so drop into Watson's, of course. I'm greeted with a dry but friendly, "Hullo hen." A wee wifey comes in behind me and starts a lively conversation with the shop lady. I get included in it - or maybe I just include myself and we all end up shaking our heads and rolling our eyes to the heavens! 
Just as I'm leaving, cakes in their little white box, the wifey says warmly, "Ah like yer hair that a champagney colour?" 
Pleased with myself, I thank them probably more enthusiastically than I need to, take my cakes and leave, feeling fulfilled.

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