Friday, 14 November 2014

Govan Glows

Govan is bathed in light. Over our heads is a luminescent sky, wintry blue, clear and cold.
Red sandstone tenement mansions, newly restored on Water Row, lend warmth to the scene and windows are lit in warm whites and yellows.
Floodlights highlight the beauty of the worn stone of Govan New.
Lamplight and fairylights twinkle in the dark picture windows of Cafe 13.
Damp pavements reflect the streetlights, casting the beams back up and into the shimmering atmosphere.
It's a cold evening, and a warm evening in glowing Govan.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fawkes Foxed

As stated, my usual burning ardour for Guy Fawkes night has been quenched by the recent destruction by fire of some of Govan's beloved landmarks.
I feel quite broken hearted this chill evening at the thought of loved ones passed away and the physical sites associated with them. So sad.
From one end of Govan to the other, we check for the annual carnival of fire, but naught to be found.
For starters, there's no possible site from Golspie St., Shaw St., Rathlin St., McKechnie St. Every square inch of sperr grun is built on. You could have a fire at Water Row, but nothing's there. Nothing at the riverside, no sign at Orkney St., Broomloan Rd., Vicarfield St., the sperr grun by The Bells. Not a flicker of flame at the Graving Docks, even though this trumps everywhere in Govan for best site for a bonfire. I'm quite confident of a whooshing blaze at Clynder St., as there was last year. But . . . turn the corner, and, there's nothing.
It's a beautiful night; clear, starry sky of Prussian blue and a glowing moon rising above the tenements. By the time we set off our own fireworks, it's late. The full moon has risen to the pinnacle of the sky and a white ground frost is sparkling.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Little Gaelic Church In The Vale

The year rolls round and the time has come to spy out bonfires in planning.
Truth be told, my heart's not in it. After the merciless burning of Broomloan Road Schools, last one just weeks ago, my usual fervour for Guy Fawkes fires has been dampened.
Accompanied by two generations on from me, I educate the toddlers in the history of St. Columba's Gaelic Free Church as we take a walk along the sad wasteland of Briton St. They're none too interested at present, but enjoy the sunshine and - hopefully - will enjoy a restored Gaelic Church in their future.  Would be nice to think so.