Friday, 27 February 2015

More Things In Heaven And Earth

All the trauma over the demolishing and loss of Govan's sacred buildings is wearying and anyway, life goes on.
As Joe Grundy says, "The land is greater than all of us," and as I listen to the everyday tale of country folk, I feel the weight of this truth.
The importance of land supersedes anything we sit upon its surface. The ever-changing sky above us, the flowing tides of the river, the sun, the moon, the clouds, the winds, the treasure-filled dirt at our feet sustain us as we take our turn on this parcel of land called Govan.
Today I see Gaynor walking from the Royal Bank. "Love your new shop," I say and she is delighted with it. The whole row got it done - 85% lottery funding, 15% the council. "We've all got a spring in our step," she says, "Opens up the whole world with the new big windows."
Here's hoping the new hospital at the Southern will bring more people back into Govan and we have a chat about the days when you could buy anything here, shoes, clothes, choice of 5 cinemas.