Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fireworks And A Golden Fry

Doors, hastily flung up as night falls, are the first sighting of a bonfire this Guy Fawkes. The pyramid is hollow and actually doesn't get lit until late, late on, and then only by a coupla rogues. 
Seems like everyone and his granny is away to state sponsored events these days. No, actually, that's not quite true as there are plenty of fireworks zooming and swooshing across Govan's skies, Deep booms echo round the sperr grun, and the squeal of rockets ricochets off the sandstone walls. It all adds to the feeling of being stranded in a wartime landscape. 
Pity the bonfires are lacking. And it's not for lack of space.
A dry night, though very cold; heat from a bonfire would be welcome. Sparklers give off a quick hot light, and fizzle out.
Heading back to Govan Road, we come across a welcome sight. A blazing fire behind the Bells with a couple of mad attendants.
Fireworks now spent, it's time to heat up with a bag of chips from Perella's at Linthouse.
A reliable source claims they fry in a lard extracted from a herd of pedigree cattle from old Italia and specially imported to give Perella chips a flavour to die for. Yeah, I'll buy that. Something's making them delicious.

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